“Starting a business is like dancing: if you don’t move, nothing happens”

On September 1, 2019, the fashion label Furore by Designer and Art Director Elke Baert, was relaunched under the wings of FFDI. Furore breaks away from the traditional fashion calendar and focuses on slow fashion and a seasonless approach. An innovative element is the Never Out of Stock collection, a fine selection of recurring essentials, all with the perfect cut and in the best fabrics available – items that you want to cherish for a lifetime. Or pick your favourite from The Limited, a collection whose subtle yet striking colours, prints and fabrics will not leave you unmoved. Both of these complement The Collection, our biannual collection in a wide array of colours. Mix and match from our three collections to create a unique and personal look.




The young brand wants to make strong entrepreneurial women shine on the basis of their individuality and empower them to step into the limelight, full of confidence. The (re) launch of Furore in the flagship store in Antwerp, was accompanied by an inspiring opening act in the nearby Bourla Theatre: “An empowering dance for women at the age of influence”.

The basic premise behind the choreography for Furore is based on the similarities between what makes a great dancer and what makes a great entrepreneur. Through the ages it has become clear that dancers make the best entrepreneurs: they have resilience, determination, perseverance, courage, confidence, good time management, creativity, passion, commitment, leadership, adaptability, dedication, motivation, curiosity and resourcefulness – all aspects which are indispensable to great dancers and great entrepreneurs alike.



The differences in age and type among the dancers who were present at the official launch of Furore reflect our concept of ‘women at the age of influence’, while the variation in rhythm and movements throughout the piece reflects a day in the lives of such enterprising women. The circle in which the dancers move is a reflection of the Furore logo itself. While the “O” or a circle that stands for “seasonless” and “circular” or sustainability, the underlying horizontal line represents empowerment or the power of being a woman.


The dance was created by Belgian choreographer Gilles Pollet and brought to life by dancers Annabel Reid, Gala Moody, Inês Carijo, Kayoko Minami, María Peredo Guzmán, Marilia G A Silva, Marion Bosetti, Mooni Van Tichel and Natascha Pire. Furore invited The Colorist Orchestra, an unusual pop/chamber music collective founded and led by Aarich Jespers and Kobe Proesmans, to create a tailor-made sound mix to accompany the piece.


Experience Furore Edition One and enjoy the dance performance “At the age of influence” (Antwerp 09/2019)