Flanders Fashion Design International acts as a quality label: each of our brands stands for thoughtfully produced and aesthetically pleasing designs. We are ethical entrepreneurs. Not only do we treat our partners with respect, but we also want to encourage fashion lovers to dress with a clear conscience and to invest in quality, not quantity.

Through our slow approach to fashion, we advocate high-quality garments that are manufactured in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. We want to protect and restore the environment so choose our suppliers wisely.

Nothing matters more than integrity: from design to creation, and from the shop floor to your wardrobe. Every type of job in our supply chain is of equal value because they all contribute to the greater whole. That’s why our internal compass always points towards togetherness.


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Without sustainability there is no future for fashion or human kind


We amplify our respect for nature and people by embracing clarity, transparency and accountability within a climate of trust. Together with our suppliers, partners, employees and customers, we have the collective power to help people make thoughtful, kind and informed choices.

Being critical towards the fast fashion industry doesn’t mean having to compromise on style. We create high-quality, modern collections that empower women to stay true to their natural, sensitive yet strong and feminine selves.

We take pride in our entrepreneurial spirit and wealth of experience. Over the last fifty years, we have acquired vast technical know-how in the fields of high-quality garment manufacture and textile production, construction processes and volume orders.

And we love to share our expertise with the young makers of today. In our FFDI Lab, we collaborate with artists, designers and makers who are unafraid to question the fashion world. This cross-fertilization of ideas and knowledge is a vital way of keeping innovation at the heart of our business.


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Start of San Martino Belgian Knitwear


San Martino becomes a total look brand


Introducing second brand Giovane


Acquisition & New Co. MFD


Introducing third brand JJULIA JUNE


San Martino becomes Amania Mo


Aquisition & New Co. FFDI


Introducing fourth brand FURORE


Giovane becomes her.


Focus on 3 brands: FURORE, JULIA JUNE and her.


Introducing fourth brand Collectors Club



About our founders

As a family member, co-shareholder and director of family-owned brewery Duvel Moortgat, no one knows better than Veerle Baert how to lead a business with passion. Throughout the years she has left her mark in the world of journalism and was one of the founders of Weekend Knack, the very first Belgian lifestyle magazine.

Her daughter Elke Baert studied Fashion Design at the celebrated Istituto Marangoni in London. During her graduation year in 2010, Fashion Awareness Direct (FAD) selected Elke as one of the fourteen most promising fashion students in the country. French fashion label Chloé and high-end men’s fashion brand Pierre Talamon were also quickly convinced of her talent. In 2013, Elke realised her dream and created her own fashion label Furore.

The Furore brand made a new start in 2019 with the acquisition of the Belgian fashion company MFD. With an eye on the international market, they named their new business Flanders Fashion Design International (FFDI).