Julia June x Sarah Corynen

This summer, Julia June will launch a capsule collection in collaboration with Belgian designer Sarah Corynen, who created the artwork of the collection. And Emilienne and Delphine Cordie, the designers behind Souvenirs de Pomme, created a compact jewellery line in harmony with the collection.

When art elevates fashion.

Sarah Corynen graduated from the Antwerp fashion academy in 1993. Her own collection, she has had for years, always emphasised on creative knitwear.

For years, Sarah was also a teacher at the fashion academies of Ghent and Copenhagen. But she also worked as a freelance designer for major Japanese fashion houses. With the birth of her son, she changed course and focused on her artwork, intended as a print for clothing and interior textiles. Or as art.

Her drawings and paintings are indeed real works of art. She presents her abstract art in black and white as well in bright colour combinations. “Julia June’s creative team fell for two colourful artworks that matched the collection perfectly.

“Since I work almost exclusively with foreign designers, I enjoyed being able to work for a Belgian label. I left the way in which my drawings were processed to Julia June’s team. Once my work is done, I can let it go and it finds its own way. I find the end result is very successful.”