Julia June x Redo Papers

An innovative way to repurpose our paper waste? FFDI brand Julia June joined forces with Redo Papers to give its catalogues, lookbooks and posters a new lease of life.

Too good to waste

It’s the same old story every season.

We make catalogues, lookbooks and posters to wow you, to inspire you, to totally sweep you off your feet. But with a new season just around the corner, we all know where they end up… in the bin.

We started thinking, how can we repurpose all this surplus paper? Then in a dream, a voice whispered: redo, redo, redo …

Yes, we do! We contacted Linde and Tille, two graphic designers, who turn misprinted and surplus paper into unique stationery.

And that’s just what they did, but with a unique Julia June kick*.

* julia june kick /’ʤuljə ʤun kɪk/ n. (pl. –s) 1) An undefinable level of coolness, edge and fun 2) A feeling of excitement that kicks in when you see something made by Julia June.