FFDI x Mainetti coat hangers

FFDI becomes a bit more sustainable, thanks to the introduction of
coat hangers made from reclaimed wood pulp and recycled plastic.

Something to hang on to…

When we deliver a collection to one of our own stores or B2B partners, all pieces usually hang on a personalised coat hanger. Beautiful and recognisable, but made from fabrics that are not always so kind to the environment. Our retailers often choose to work with their own coat hangers, so our branded ones end up in these ‘free to take’ boxes on the street or even, yes, in the recycling park.

Environmentally friendly coat hanger

That is why we at FFDI have made the switch to one neutral coat hanger, and this for our four brands. This means that we have to produce fewer coat hangers. In addition, the hangers are made of WPC (wood-plastic composite), a recycled material made with a mix of recycled wood fibers from sawmills or woodworking industries and thermoplastic materials. At the end of the circular journey, we can reuse these thermoplastics by shredding or heating them and bringing them to life in another recycled form, such as lunch boxes, tubes or the backrest in backpacks.

With these eco-friendly hangers, produced by the Italian company Mainetti, we are a proud pioneer in the Benelux. By investing in sustainable coat hangers, we are taking a new step towards a greener fashion industry. Together we can extend the life cycle of these hangers by reusing them season after season. A system to collect these hangers is therefore part of a plan that we hope to work out in the future.


But first things first: the introduction of the WPC coat hangers. Summer 2020 will be a transitional season where we will use a mix of new and old coat hangers, while supplies last. Hangers that are no longer usable because of this newly chosen circular route and / or rebranding, are collected by the supplier who recycles them. An extra expense that we are happy to make, so that no clothes hanger has to see the inside of a garbage can.